Training Day to Xhemajl Mustafa School

Training Day to Xhemajl Mustafa School

Today at SH.F.M.U “Xhemail Mustafa” 🏫 the first presentation of Meta Quest VR equipment was realized to 8th grade students. The students together with the mathematics teacher Shqipe Dobra welcomed the training with great enthusiasm and curiosity.

The Faculty of Education students informed the class about the hardware and software characteristics of the device and the purpose of this project. In addition, the students also became familiar with using the equipment, which was full of emotions 😊.

📆We continued with the training of teachers of the experimental class at Faculty of Education. The trainers were teachers, ICT assistants and students within the Faculty of Education – UP of the following majors: Mathematics, Chemistry and ICT.

During the training, the teachers received the necessary instructions and guidelines regarding the use of the VR device as an added value in their teaching subjects.

The latter expressed their happiness that this project, in addition to new knowledge, will also contribute to the development of their and the students’ digital competences.

In the following weeks, we will continue with Faik Konica, Elena Gjika and Meto Bajraktari schools!