Great News – FutuClass VR is supporting the implementation of VAR4STEM project

The project coordinator Krenare Pireva Nuci, had a meeting with the CEO of Futuclass VR, Kristen Tamm regarding the var4stem project, where she explained the idea of the project and the impact that the project could have in the near future. Futuclass is an Estonian company that works with industry-leading VR companies, and it provides the kind of content— memorable, […]

Ready for School intervention

Today, the last preparations of the trainee before school intervention. The trainers are students of the Faculty of Education from the following majors: Mathematics, Chemistry and ICT School teachers and pupils from 8th grade will be trained on Monday (13 Nov 2023), while the intervention with VR and AR devices will start from Wednesday (15 Nov 2023) in the selected […]

Designing the action plan for the activities in the schools

Chemistry and Math school professors participated in one session organized by Faculty of Education on designing the action plan for the upcoming activities. The math professor prof Eda Vula and chemistry professor Fatlume Berisha invited the respective school professors from four participating schools (Xhemajl Mustafa, Elena Gjika, Faik Konica and Meto Bajraktari) to synchronize the teaching units in the respective […]

The first visit to participating schools as part of VAR4STEM project

Project coordinator Prof. ast. Pireva Nuci, together with prof. Eda Vula and prof asoc. Fatlume Berisha visited the participating schools in the project VAR4STEM, supported by MESTI. Photo from the visit at SHFMU “Xhemajl Mustafa” school The meeting started with the description of the project, informing the respective School Directors about the aim of the project and the need to […]

FEdu lab is enriched with additional VR equipment

VR Meta Quest 2 landed in Faculty of Education…ready to upgrade the teaching and learning environment The infrastructure of the FEdu is enriched with additional set of Virtual Reality equipments that will be used in the teaching and learning environment. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation in Kosovo.

Kickoff Meeting held online for #VAR4STEM

The initial kickoff meeting of the project “The impact of technology on teaching and learning in STEM fields” took place online, on 4th Aug 2023. The meeting started with a welcome speech by prof. Eda Vula and prof. Fatlume Berisha, and continued with a presentation by Project Coordinator, prof. Krenare Pireva Nuci. All of the participants in the meeting continued […]